Blood Sugar/Insulin

Enter the World Where Food is the Ultimate Drug! Everytime you eat, you trigger a powerful biochemical cascade that can maximize or limit fat burning. By understanding the reaction of major hormones to the food you eat will help you understand how to control your entrance into hormonal balance. Insulin is a hormone released by your pancreas following carbohydrate ingestion and the associated rise in blood sugar. Insulin triggers three important events: 1) it brings some blood sugar into muscles where it is used for energy 2) it converts some blood sugar to glycogen (the stored form of sugar), and 3) insulin not only stores some blood sugar as fat, but it prevents existing fat from being used as energy. High levels of insulin compels your body to burn more carbohydrates as fuel, less fat for fuel, and helps maintain fat storage. Another symptom of high insulin levels may cause is excess hunger. The results of eating in hormonal balance are immediate and long term. The primary benefit is the maintenance of blood sugar levels and therefore controlling appetite. Other benefits include an increase in energy, mental alertness, decrease in muscular fatigue, and overall decreased body fat. Worried about pills, potions, pre-packaged processed food or counting points? Don't, there's none of this. This program is about eating real food in prescribed portions. Real food works with your body, not against it.
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