Eating To Your Metabolism

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Imagine - Weight loss without starving and deprivation! Eating to Your Metabolism is the right way to diet. We offer answers, no gimmicks, no empty promises. Just real science that leads to real results. We'll tell you how many calories you can reasonably take in during a day by a simple 10 minute test, measure your body fat and lean body tissue and tailor a program that is specific to your body, because we know everybody loses weight differently. Every bodies different! When it comes to weight loss, their is no such thing as "one size fits all". Each person's metabolism is different based on genetics, eating habits, and fitness level. Each person gains weight for a variety of physical, emotional, and environmental factors. Charts and averages just aren't effective ways to construct a diet plan. Testing metabolic rate will determine exactly how many calories a person needs to cut to lose weight. Our goal, is to elevate and transcend you through a weight loss program that is permanent, effective and uplifting. The success of our program is based on knowing what your body needs to maintain a healthy metabolism. We take what your body already does and help you use that to your advantage.
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"Eating to Your Metabolism"
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Eating to Your Metabolism